Constituent Assembly Polls in Nepal: I Voted Did You?

A new day awaits Nepal, like this sunrise on the Day of the Elections ( seen from the Araniko Highway)

After an hour of standing in the line at The Election Center in Mahadevsthan, Koteshwor “Ga” I voted the first time in my life. My number was :773. I left home at ten-minutes to six clad in my ” म परिवर्तन चाहन्छु, ( I want Change) and I am not Alone” T-shirt deliberately. The t-shirt seemed to be made for occasions just like this. Now, that I Have Voted! I feel absolutely great. A friend of mine was quick enough to congratulate me for the feat. I did the same to her as well. We are both Proud First Time Voters of this nation! I would like to extend a congratulations to all the First time Voters who are reading this blog as well. Yahoo! We did it!

People waiting for their turn to vote in Koteshwor

After almost 60 years of yearning for Constituent Assembly Polls, Nepal has finally got what it wanted. And all the while the media talked of the polls as a National Festival, I never FELT that. But after the vote, my sentiments are exactly the Same. I feel a Part of the Historic Elections. It is indeed a न भूतो न भविष्यति ( Never before, and never in the future) occasion. Can’t say , “Never in the Future” but it is surely a landmark event in the history of this country. Our giant neighbors India and China might be global focus because of their IT and economic boom but we sure know what an “Intellectual Revolution” is. We’re going through a Renaissances of our own. Politically, socially, economically…we are surely heading the right way. I’m hopeful of the days ahead. I am extremely optimistic about the future of this nation, which is the future of millions of first time voters like me.

That's me Voting!
Casting the precious vote.Pic by Dikshya

Change isn’t easy we know. The CA polls isn’t the sole determinant of the future of the nation as well, but it sure is a step toward the right direction. The encouraging number of voters waiting for their turn, especially the large number of women ( as the FM I’m tuned to is reporting) is a sign of it. Every Vote Counts and thankfully the Nepalese know the importance of this democratic practice. I’ve a lot more to say here: but it’s only 10 and I got a looong day to go around town as an “Election Observer” as well. I’ll blog in details later with more pictures….


Voter + Observer!





  1. Hey! Happy Constituent Assembly Day!
    I guess I am the unlacky chap, couldn’t vote and the wind took away my prized posession. I wont forget this historic day.

    We are finally writing our own constitution, women voters are participating more enthusiastically than men and Nepal is going to be politically stable someday(chances da day is nearing)..
    Hail! to a new politically stable Nepal……….

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