िमली हवाओं में उड्ने ि क वो सजा यारो

के मैं जमीन के रिस्तों से कट गया यारो

I have never heard this song. But the lyrics PERFECTLY fit into this situation. The old mental picture of the world or the universe at large which is basically not the uncountable number of stars and masses but people which form something called society is hard to destroy. The world being a mirror of one’s thoughts differs according to people as “thoughts” differ. A mere question of the “view” one has and a different world altogether.

Long ago, in my earlier days of being acquainted with the blogging world someone had told me “This isn’t Paradise”. ” Paradise” to be exact meant people who blog. (Add people who COMMENT to it as well).

I was shocked. The shock led to sadness. In a long time, really long time I felt sad, in the truest sense of the word. What kind of people made this world? And can there even be “people” or “humans” like that. What sick mentality caused them to write such low/ degrading (think of the word which represents digress of humanity at its most). Maybe, that is supposed to be normal.( But) Why normalize the bad? There are some things which can be accepted as “someone else’s” opinion which is “different” than yours. People hold different views. Some are just nothing else but an attempt to demoralize the person, hurt them, break them down. I may be wrong about the notion that “the world is full of good people” meaning ( who do onto others as they would be done by) but I think I understand the ‘intention’ of people ( not all times though) .It’s sad that I realize it so late in life that I feel nearly ‘incapable’ of changing my world view from something good and positive to a place where people are just too keen on bringing others down and what not.

The irony, ithis world is full of impostors and no matter how much the ‘society’ at large talks of ethics and humanity it hails the bad, it is instinctively attracted by the bad. Reminds of the character, I used to observe everyone of them in details ( to understand the mechanism of the blogging universe). It was clear: they wouldn’t have known it but there they were loving, adoring everything which was stated, actually even the grammatically ‘wrong’ stuff was ‘raw’, it was ‘nice writing’ anything. They didn’t know it, but they loved it! Subconsciously, they all did it.

I should have been scandalous, it would be great then! Oh, what a fine writing I would have created, even if I would ‘know’ the innumerous flaws in it. So, after a day of pain and irritation because of cold, I want to move on for good.

There is a saying in Nepali:
Rakshyan ma Thuke, afnai mukhma chita parcha.

That’s what I want to say. Your acceptance and understanding of the writings isn’t sought.Don’t show your lack of control over yourself by being in a place you don’t want to be in.

Let no man pull you low enough to hate him.
Martin Luther King.



  1. Don’t let them get you! Tyo yeuta arko crude ukhan chha ni: Goo lai chalaye gandha!! Thats the same way; its better to ignore such ignorant dumbos and go on. There is no way you can eliminate these kind of people; the best way is to isolate them and then hope for the day when they fight among each others and be extinct. Life is too precious to dwindle upon these cheap bastards (Please don’t mind my language!If You did sorry but I really think they deserve this word!)

    Happy New Year BTW!! 🙂
    Hope there is New Nepal and wonderful new year ahead!

  2. Thank You! Long time no see 😉 . A very happy , happy new year to you too. You seem to be globe trotting a lot, hope you have time to visit the New Nepal as well! 🙂

  3. So poor you are! Always sticking in the same thing, never can come out of that. very funny who tells herself a lonely driver, and who seems always bound to be nonsense thing. Girl, grow up, you find lots of people who may not walk in your track and for whom you are out of track.
    it makes you feel sad, they dont care or they dont show you. you cant enjoy in their situation, you cant say they hurt you because you never know who is hurting to whom! may be the same way people are treating you, Gunlai chalayo gandha!!!!
    and well, dont know what blog is but yes, it is paradise for you because you got the place where you can scream! Why I find you yelling, every time I come to read you? MY dear, I feel you have taken life, more seriously than it should be.
    Anyways, keep writing!

  4. Life’s full of imposters n double faced monsters. People are seldom what they seem on the outside. It’s hard to survive being a goody goody.

    You are doing great with ur blogging. I don’t hear u yelling….u rock!

  5. To Nepali Keto:

    Every one is entitled to their own opinion so I approve them as I wish to. It is also interesting to look into how the same thing is seen differently by many people. But the unnecessary debate about a ‘point of view’ of the com mentors whether on the entry or among themselves isn’t worth having in ‘personal’ blogs. So I am not really interested in ‘dare you’ to approve sort of things here. You had a point in the last comment but tis ( the one not seen here) ‘dohori’ was unnecessary.

    To MP:

    Interesting view again. You see anger in it, while i wrote that in the awe of ” the guts of people” ..well wat can I say other than “munde, munde matir vinna” … and at the same time the risks of blogging your brains out if you get it… but I can only know what emotion instigates my writing, can’t expect others to get the same. And maybe it’s my writing defect that I can’t get things across to people as well. Anyways, thanks for the insight!

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