The Morning

Personal ramblings..

I got ten minutes exactly for work to start. So, let me see how fast I can put my morning into words. I was walking right in front of the Traffic Police’s office in Koteshwor, a dozer was placing soil from one place to another. And I simply love the smell of the soil. So, I took a deep breath, breathing in the smell and thought, “What a wonderful start to this day!”. Then I was about to cross the road when I saw a micro-bus heading towards me so I stopped. As the bus was passing by me, the driver took out his head when it was right in front of me, so I backed out thinking he wanted to spit or something. But then this fellow in brown shades, yellow t-shirt sticks out his head and yells, “ Hi Sexy baby!” My exact reaction to those words were “ Kshyaa! Irri!” Come on, what kind of greeting is that. And ‘Sexy baby’ , is the last thing I ever want to be called. Does any girl feel ‘good’ on getting such supposed to be ‘compliment’ reactions? If they do, then I am supposedly not one of them. And me and Sexy, add baby to that, how can anyone even ‘say’ that looking at me! That’s NOT ME! And it doesn’t make me feel good either. “Ugly duckling” could rather make me feel better than that!

I crossed the road and got on the bus. I sat on the seat opposite to the driver’s, though there was one seat in front of mine too. A lady with a son and a daughter sat on it. The bus had reached Hanumanthan when the younger one (the son) yelled, “Sadhen” ( Ox) with delight as though it was the most interesting and unexpected thing to see. I see the Ox everyday and if I really ‘love’ any being these days then it is that ‘ox’ and many other animals I see on the road (dogs and calves and cows). I am daring to use the term love because I think it’s unconditional. My eyes well up with tears on merely thinking about them and my inability to do anything about them! It’s such a fucking feeling. It’s like being someone I exactly don’t want to be. And it reminds me of how ‘inhumane’ and ‘selfish’ we humans are leaving them like that. I’ve wanted to write something about them for a long time, take pictures of all the animals on the road and do some photo blog but I don’t have the time to do that, most importantly I think I am not so driven these days.

Then the mom (of the kids) was talking about the daughter’s teeth, why she should move it so that no ‘daro’ comes. “Do you know what a ‘Daro’ is?” she asked the kids and the younger one said ” Chamunda ko huncha ni!” which made me smile 🙂 This conversation took place in Baneshwor. The mom laughed and said “Yes, you’re right.” She was explaining things to the kids so beautifully and talking to them so gently , really nice mom ( the kinds who shape their children’s life beautifully) jasto lagyo. And what else…then I got off at Baluwatar for work! I want to write about any little thing I wish to, I wish to blog freely and be happy. I wish to revive the spirit of writing in me. So, here I take a sip of water to my new endeavor! Cheers! 🙂 I’ve always lived the best moments of my life in solitude( though I have wished for company too) 😉 , thereby here is to my writing for myself! To the only eyes who understands these words and to you ( I hope ), they say I’m insane to talk to you like you’re there but still I hope you can read this too in peace and happiness. Here’s another sip of water for us!!LOL it was more than a sip, thulo ghutko jhannai air pipe ma gayera sadkeko! hahaha


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