Saturday Surgery

Totally personal guff…I don’t suggest anyone to read this!

So, I had to undergo some minor surgery today. Yah, it’s Saturday but seems like the hospitals have a different way of doing things. Thereby the visit. I wouldn’t have taken anyone with me, as a ‘kuruwa’ had the dentist not told me so, but yesterday she said, “Well, you could get dizzy so come with a friend”. And as college had brought along this new misery which spells ‘dearth’ of friends I had to turn towards my sister for the act. She wasn’t willing to go, mainly because of the venue being Chabhahil but I convinced her to come anyways. The surgery was something to do with a small flesh that connects my upper lip with the gums. As my treatment period is coming to an end the dentist said that it could create problem later i.e cause my front two teeth to have spaces in between them so the surgery was required. Thanks to the anesthesia I did not have to feel the pain of cutting and sewing the entire thing! The dental surgeon, surprisingly recognized me (though I did not) and raised his eyebrows greeting me followed by ‘how big we’d become and how old that made him’ and all. I was glad to hear his ‘how old he’d become’ admission cause it made me feel as though I were in safe, experienced hands. So, the surgery began. He was trying to scare me by saying they did not plan to use any anesthesia but sure they did prick here and there in my gums and it was numb.

And as it progressed the doctor was humming which was a relief but at times I thought I would suffocate as they were holding my lips and somehow my nostrils were not able to take in air freely! Finally after around 30-45 minutes it was over. Now, begins the real thing. I got up, went up to the doctor while he was writing the names of the medicines and giving me instructions on when to come ( usually done by Kuruwas cuz the patients are in pain , I was too) and noticed my sister was nowhere to be seen. Then when he was done with his instructions I noticed her sitting in a chair near the door. The doctor’s assistant told me to come along and I noticed my sister was not looking at her best. Even so she walked down the stairs with me to the counter and then lost control of herself! She was laying her head against the counter and I thought she would pass out any moment. I held her with one hand and covered my swollen mouth with the other. Thankfully, she did not totally lose control. She stepped outside and sat down on the stairs outside the counter while I collected the medicine and immediately went out to see any ‘fresh juice’ shop. There were none so I got her two packets of Real and honestly would have laughed out loud had it not been for the stitching and cutting I had been through. What a ‘Kuruwa’ to be? The patient has to take care of the ‘friend’ instead!! The funniest part , was , how my sister later admitted that she was thinking of all possible names for herself like ‘chicken’ and there was something funnier which I forgot when she was getting down the stairs… And now I bask in the glory of being the ‘Brave One’ in the family, given my sister’s assumption that mom would have passed out too. She did not need to see the entire procedure, I did reprimand her, but as she states that she did not sit through it all, the event is really making me laugh harder now ( though m not doing that literally). I think I am always better on my own. I was wondering how I would have managed to bring her home if she had totally blacked out covering my own ‘Hanuman’ like mouth as she calls it! Hahaha

Oh and there’s something more. While I was putting my ‘Japanese’ fan in the bag before leaving home, she was asking me, “Why?” I’d replied “You might need it!” And now she’s telling me of how she fanned herself with the ‘fan’ while the surgery was going on! Ketile malai saroooo hasain… 😛



  1. 😀
    poor D ! i’d have blacked out too. can’t bear the sight of blood.
    n i’d have been really frightened of someone cutting me up as well. i went for a tear-level test the other day n they stuck two pieces of paper into my eyes ( u know tht of course) n i got so scared tht i had to call a fren. i thought the whole strip would eventually enter my eyes n be lost within 😀

    waiting to c ya 😉

  2. बडो बिचित्र छ यो मन
    न स्थिरता न सन्तुलन
    भैगो छोडिदिउ
    अतितका कि तितामिठा गन्थन
    प्रस्ताव छ, स्विर्किती दिन्छौ ?
    दिदी भाई को यो एक नयाँ बन्धन ????

    hi ….don’t get me wrong. Will you plz add me in your blogroll list so that by adding you in my blogroll list , I can make a new बन्धन with you….Will you give the permisssion of this ???????

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