I am so damn hungry at the moment and I should be eating but I don’t know why I couldn’t muster the courage necessary to go to the good places named by Shristi , like some Pumpernickel bakery, or Busy Bee or there was another restaurant near Fewa. I was supposed to be in Pame or Begnas today but the ‘Banda’ has restricted my mobility. I want to go to the Peace Pagoda but I don’t know the way. I could ask but I don’t want to talk at the moment. And its too hot outside, and I got only black t-shirts which makes it hotter. uffffffffff was bored staying in the room, translating the questions in Nepali and of course pretending to enjoy food security and WTO. And my thesis is really going to be screwed if the fieldwork never materializes into reality, and there are the finals within a week! Really really unlucky yaar. And It feels so good blogging right now 🙂

It looks outside cloudy outside, so may it would be good to step outside now. First I’ll get some food and most likely this cyber owner thinks I am some foreigner ( Japanese, Korean, Phillipino,Chinese, and the like ) and that I’m going to pay more but well m not!! tralalalalala I am a Nepali. It was raining cats and dogs when I woke up in the morning and I hope it drizzles in the evening so that I enjoy the walk. Yesterday we completed the planning by staying from 9:30 to 6:30 in the evening so boss took the first flight back to KTM today. I was you know supposed to be doing something else but I am in the cyber as if I have come here to holiday!It really sucks. But I might as well enjoy everything, my own peace of mind, far far from KTM and its ‘political atmosphere’. Life races in Kathmandu, its tending to be like all the Global cities of the world but here its slow…it is reminding me of Pataya…ok hungrier by the moment so I better leave for FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD . But I am sick of eating Parathas, I don’t know why I only end up ordering that, like buying black t-shirts. Anyways I’ll rise from this seat n who knows I might bump into someone like Geoff Tansley and the like here hehehe and catch them for my ‘Key Informant’ interview session here! Hey anyone, know a IPR in agriculture expert holidaying in Pokhara staying In Lakeside ….well though m not coming to the cyber to check it..cuz will taking the first flight to KTM tomorrow. God knows, what I’ll do for my Thesis…..



  1. Thank you Basanta ji!

    But this blog will stay ‘Stuck’ in this entry for a month or so because of other commitments . So, could be a disappointment to find nothing new if you frequent it! That is unless, I find no outlet than blogging at times like the one mentioned above. 🙂

  2. Dear Zade da blogger,

    However, I had stopped writing comments on ur blog since u had written something about ‘male attitude’ somewhere (may be due to my ‘male pride’); but urs is the only site, which I do not miss to visit once- when I get online. It is really frustrating to see ur site not being updated for long!!!

    I do understand ur commitments as as student but believe there are many readers and admirers as well of ur blogs; u r bound to be satisfy their expectation by this time!

    Plz do update it!


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