Samosa Crazy

I’ve been wanting to write this since a long long time but seems like ‘now’ is the right time. Samosa is not a part of my memory and doesn’t fill in the blank spaces during my ‘mental inactivity’ too. But this movie I was watching yesterday “The Namesake”, a dialogue in the movie would be more politically correct instigated these “Samosa Sentiments” in me. If you have read the book or watched the movie you’ll know who I mean by Maushami. Well, this character tells Gogol, “I’ll be a good Bengali wife and cook Samosas every Thursdays and Fridays from scratch!” This may not be the exact words but the essence is ditto. The sentence, however, has a negative connotation in the movie. Nevertheless, it was the very line that reminded me of my Samosa Cravings though it will be the eighth wonder if I ever make one from scratch!

SAMOSA. I’ve never wanted anything ( whether it be a book, any CD , a person or even a dream) as badly I have craved for a bite of this fabulous meal. And if you’re thinking of the Samosa at Tip Top please do but I relate no brand to Samosa. It’s just the samosa that tempts me. ( Inspite of Sa-Musa ( mouse) phobia some years back in KTM). 🙂 Last Friday, we had a transport strike in Kathmandu again, so I had to walk all the way to Baluwatar ( Safa Tempo ride from New Baneshwor to New Plaza only). It took one an half hour to complete the journey. The scorching heat is no help when you’re clad in a black t-shirt. Still I wasn’t mad, as usually am at everything around me during such ‘forced walkathons’. I remembered the samosas made by Bhaiya ( that is what Puchhi calls him) when I reached Bhatbhateni and concluded all the trouble I was put through was for this one bite of samosa in the end. Ah! The glories of samosa. So, I brought samosas to office and relished them forgetting the walk, forgetting everything but the crispy taste of ‘Samosako bokra’ ( samosa cover) and the vegetables inside…

Yummm Samoooosa… Source : Internet

What makes a samosa? Basically potatoes, peas, onion, peanut (sometimes) and anything could be added if you wanted them inside the triangular shape of the dish. But, potato, that’s the basic samosa element. I just came across a site which defines samosa as potato stuffed pastry!! I don’t have any samosa preferences other than it should NOT be too spicy ( no chilli for me) and no peanuts please. And I just remembered that I DO have ‘samosa memories’. Yahoo! Yah, dad used to bring them from the then Ram Bhandar in Thapathali and how we used to looove them. That was a long time back in the early and mid-1990s. I feel good to have a samosa history 🙂 The pleasure of munching samosas at home is different. Though I still order ‘parathas’ when am confused about my dish preference in restaurants ( most have parathas but not samosas) nothing beats my samosa cravings…at times I do crave for ‘vegetable patties’ with the same intensity but that again a different story. I seem to have a lot of affinity to these ‘Pauroti Sambandhi” items.

Hmm have you ever noticed the ‘samosas’ in the music video of the song “Gam ka khajana ” by Jagjit Singh and Lata Mangeskar? Those are the most beautiful and tempting samosas I’ve ever seen on the TV! ( Samosas are important ‘subjects’ in two different shots of the video). Notice it , if you happen to watch the music next time.And I don’t know if it is the effect of the music video again but I think samosas should make a great company in rainy days…tato tato crispy crispy samosa . Yummm,the Glories of Samosa!

Go munch one! And if you can’t right, you might as well be tempted to try one after going through the history of Samosa or learn how to make one here.



  1. oh ho kasto pailo gasmai dhunga jasto kura!! 😛 yah someone had found ‘moosa’ ko baccha in Tip Topko (? m confused)Samosa re. But I didn’t savor that so m thankfully unbothered 🙂 but the issue was resolved later….they said there was no mouse…or sth else..I don’t know the exact details though….

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