Lunch Time Writing

When weekends matter, you know that you have a job. And when I can hear the ‘sir’ next door instructing the student to ‘flow’ while dancing I know I am at work. Today, I can hear them sing ‘ Malai pyaro lagcha , malai ramro lagcha, lahara pahara chaharako…mero desh’ for a change. The kids are singing exceptionally well. ( N its lunchtime@ work now ) ..And I am reminiscing the times when we used to sing songs in the similar way back in school. It was during our “Yo mero Topi” sing song times I started wondering what ‘learning to sing’ was actually, was it learning the song or mastering the notes, the scales which formed the basis of music…my prodigal thoughts…

The lunch was good, as usual. Lunch is communal.Each day; a new topic for discussion engages my ‘male colleagues’ here. Today it began with national songs (the school effect), moved on to Sarangi Vs Violin and when I left the dining room it had shifted to ‘whether marriage is a social construction or a natural phenomena’..And because I never take part in the discussions I am back to the desk which makes me long for a break on Fridays of every week. Its boring and frustrating at times (I forget what ‘permission’ is called in Nepali too) and having to create new technical terms isn’t an easy job either. The only solace at times is the thought that well; it is still one of a kind ‘field’ to be involved in…but easier said than done.

I don’t want to get lost, so I am focused. Last Friday I was had more than one idea for scribbling my thoughts in writing during the Nepal Yatayat ride back home. And my head still brims with ideas but there’s no passion to work…and what is happening to my language these days…I can’t write ‘proper’ in either Nepali nor English..uffho … I think I need to learn to pronounce “Globe” in addition to ‘holiday’! Aja Monday, but will soon be Friday. Its life in the fast lane. Weekdays don’t pass, they speed to the weekend. And the cycle continues: home-work-lunch break-work-home.

Blogging holds no charm; I haven’t come across any active/worthy of a read blog in recent days to be inspired too. But I hope it’s only a cycle and the passion to write will be back someday .For now, the dance continues next door and my life still revolves around ITPGRFA !



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