The first information you find about Fireflies on the web will be on the music festival which takes place in the area every year. But since, I was there for work I can’t say anything about that. Still these pictures of the Fireflies Ashram (Kaggalipura Post, Bangalore)taken during my morning stroll around the area should give you an idea of what it is really like.For me it was like living in a small wood and the food was just amazing!




  1. Beautiful photos with explanatory captions made this post wonderful to go through. The previous entry on B Trip was superb. Full of a fantastic sense of humor and a different perspective on traveling. Wanted to know more about that lucky flying steward. Thanks for writing about it. One disagreement though: I think Bangalore is better when it is called Bangalore, not Bunguluruuuu or whatever. That is already an internationally recognized and famous brand name . It has even become a verb…that describes the phenomena of jobs being lost in the U.S. because of the employers moving work to Bangalore or other parts of India. But then I hear that Bunguluruuuu or whatever has become the formal name of Bangalore these days.

  2. Nice Foto’s — i had fun reading your B-trip Post 🙂 (specially the terrorist part lol !!!)

    @Bangalored — its Bengaluru, but still Bangalore is soo much better than Bengaluru !!!

  3. बेंगलोर के हो ? बुझ्न चाहनुहुन्छ भने M.G. Road पुग्नोस, अनी कसैको मुखारव्रिन्दबाट एक नै सहि हिन्दी शब्द सुने आफुलाई भाग्यमानी ठान्नोस् । Dictionary बेच्न बसेकी एक केटीलाई यसो रवाफ झाडौं न त भनेर एक दुई वाक्य अंग्रेजी के फुत्काइया थ्यो उल्टै उताबाट आएको अंग्रेजिको बाढिमा आफ्नो ज्यान बचाउन कस्तो हम्मे पर्‍यो । लाजले गालै रातो भा थ्यो ।

    बेंगलोर ब्यस्त when i was in Banglore in our india tour…but reading u i foung it calm seeing the picture

  4. Just what I was thinking Avinashi…very much like Borderlands..which had me worrying the moment we reached that ‘something’ might go very wrong back home !! …but this place has less human interference like the well-trimmed bushes etc in Borderlands….no 24/7 sound of the river too ( wich makes Borderlands better) 🙂

    n Bangalored I didn’t know that it was Bengaluru until I landed in the aiport read “Bengaluru Intl airport’…must be some ‘U’ usage in Kannad…they spell ‘Basumati’ to what we call ‘Basmati’ rice here etc…or maybe this is just similar to replacing “Bombay” with “Mumbai” etc…there was a nice article in an Indian newspaper on these names…talking of the terroist attack in the railway station in Mumbai etc….here is an older article on this Bengaluru/ Bangalore thing

    n thanks for reading everyone!

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