The Distance

I like the thought of being in your city.

The simple thought that the city which houses millions is a home to you makes me smile.



The good looking crew thanks me for flying with them. I smile at each one of them, unrestrained, unable to contain my happiness. The pilot, a tall, white and handsome guy stands at the end of the line, and I unknowingly smile at him as if he’s you. He gives me a queer look and I stop to think ‘Did I just make a private smile public?’ I forcefully try to put up a serious face but I can’t. I just can’t close my mouth! So, with the ‘Colgate smile’ just stuck to face I step into your city.

And I am in love with the thought of being in your city once again. I like the thought that you are somewhere within my reach. You are within a driving distance. You are within a calling distance. Yet I won’t drive to you. I won’t even call you. I will seat amidst alien faces merely rejoicing the thought that I am in your city.

I will relish the distance, this otiose undertaking which will drive you insane when you know of it. But you won’t know it when I am in your city, for I won’t make a move. I won’t make any calls. I will just stray there for hours and hours merely enjoying the thought of being there and away at the same time.

zpt blog! ugh but m putting it up anyway for embarassment purposes!



  1. Nice post! यो पढ्दा-पढ्दै मलाई आफूले धेरै पहिला लेखेको एउटा कविता याद आयो।

    “प्रश्न तिमीसंग”

    डाँडाबाट देखिने हजारौं बत्तीहरु मध्ये-
    कुनै एक होला तिम्रो घरको बत्ती
    र ती हजारौं घरहरुमध्ये कुनै एक घरमा-
    मस्त निद्रामा सुतीरहेकी हौली तिमी,

    के तिम्रो सपनीमा-
    मलाई पनि ठाऊँ छ?
    झस्केर अचानक ब्युँझदा-
    के मेरो याद आउँछ तिमीलाई?
    र के तिमीपनि-
    मध्यरातमा उठेर आकाश नियाल्दै
    मेरो नाम लिन्छ्यौ?

    Sorry for inserting my ‘jpt’. I got carried away to that moment after reading your ‘jpt’ 🙂

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