Birthday Blog ( Year 3)

Blogging is a narcissist act. And as I start this entry at 1:20pm sharp on February 1, 2009 I know the exact relationship between narcissism and blogging. For this isn’t just another entry in my blog, this is ‘the’ blog because it celebrates ‘itself’. It celebrates its third year of existence for that is what the blogger decides has decided as ‘celebration time’!

A lot happened in the last three years. I was in college when I took up blogging, now college is over ( at least Undergrad days are over). There was a time when just about anything in sight inspired me to write and there was a time when nothing did. There was a time when ‘Blogs’ were the coolest thing to do and in 2006 there were relatively few blogs ( Nepali) but most of them were active and regularly updated. And in its hey days cum early days the Nepali blogosphere had even envisioned a ‘Association’ for Bloggers. Interviews of bloggers, female bloggers and anonymous bloggers in both the print and online media made it look as if ‘blogging’ was a celebrity act! Obviously it gave a certain degree of popularity to the bloggers and even I felt like a ‘Star’! ( LOL) Thankfully I don’t anymore and don’t wish for it either. And if all this wasn’t enough ‘tinsel town’ material there was a blog solely dedicated to ‘blog gossips’!! Then strange things began to happen in the blogging world. Blogs were made private, blogs were deleted, blog posts were erased and most blogs were simply stagnant.

Now a new, fresh generation of bloggers has entered the Nepali blog world but following them has been next to impossible for me. Blogging is no longer a rare celebrity phenomena anymore. The situation can be best exemplified by the ‘growing’ and unending numbers of ‘Martyrs’ of Nepal. When bloggers were few like the ‘martyrs’ you knew them. Obviously it is not the same when we have hundreds if not thousands doing it. It has become harder to track down blogs worth the time and I mostly only visit blogs in my blog roll with very few exceptions. Increasing the blog roll is undoubtedly the smartest way to increase readership and network via blogging but somehow I am not so keen on doing that either. My purpose of blogging is not networking. It is also not to practice my writing so that someday it helps me to be a fiction/non-fiction writer nor do I write with a purpose of being a journalist someday.

The purpose of blogging for me is only writing. Writing because I wish to. Writing because I chose to. There’s no ulterior motive behind blogging. The blog exists so that I can free my mind. Whether the blog entries are read or not the primary concern but that I write not worrying much about ‘Why’ I write is. Once I sent an article to TKP months ago, but it wasn’t published so I thought to myself ‘Well, I can be my own publisher’ and opened an account here. That sums up my web presence other than this address and Flickr page. I’ve been pretty stringent on advertising about this blog. Yet the blog has visitors. So, I am thankful to all those who read this page for whatsoever reasons. And here are some few things I’ve learnt about readership and other things regarding my blog and blogging in general :

1.An entry in Nepali draws more visitors than an entry in English.

2.Comments on an entry don’t correlate to the number of visitors to the entry at all.

3.This entry is the most read entry in this blog. Till date (including today) it has been viewed 6,185 times! The reason behind this seems to be the fact that, people surf the net for ‘hot girls’ and they end up here! ( I don’t know if that is good news or bad!) The irony is, I am the best example of a UN-hot girl and yet most people come here for the ‘hot’ girl! HA HA HA

4.If an entry (with nothing ‘hot’ in it) draws unusual number of visitors I need to understand that something is wrong! ( I have examples but let me not go into that)

5.The life of any blog entry is only as long as the time taken to write the entry. They are just manifestations of momentary emotions. So, what I wrote sometime back in history doesn’t reflect my opinion of things in the present. It is only the way I thought not the way ‘I think’.

6.’Blog awards’ won’t necessarily motivate people to blog. Its like saying granting IPRs encourage scientists to invent new things (they necessarily don’t). The search for knowledge exists because of the hunger for it rather than the incentive. Likewise bloggers write because they ‘wish’ to not because of any other reason. If it weren’t so, then the Nepali blog world wouldn’t have seen so many ‘stagnant’ or ‘dead’ blogs which were good in both content and language during a certain point in history.

7.And just because ‘this’ blog has existed since the last three years when others’ did not doesn’t mean I have ‘hacked’ mailing addresses or ‘go around writing vulgar comments’! I’ve just have enough of that baseless, meaningless accusations. Firstly though I don’t consider myself technically challenged I am not smart enough to hack anything and I wouldn’t be ‘helping’ people ( the same bloggers) with their blogs and teaching them how to ‘avoid’ vulgar comments if I were the supposed perpetrator. (I didn’t want to mention this ridiculous thing here but it really freaked me out).

Finally, in spite of the everything I am glad to find this blog alive and kicking even after three years! It may not be of any significance to anyone else but it is my own window to the past. It is a witness to my life. Sometimes when I am bored I go through the older entries and really enjoy reading them. They are stupid, lack coherence, oozing with excitement, sad, angry ..but whatever they may be they are just me. Nothing has remained the same in the last three years. Places , faces, emotions, relationships, life , death everything has changed. I have changed too. Still this is one of the few things that have ‘remained’ with me since 2006. And it makes me proud to know that I could be tenacious if I wished too! Yah, I can hold my head high and keep writing regardless of the praise, blame and just about anything else that has been bestowed upon me by this simple act of ‘writing’. I accept this responsibility of ‘blogging’ and will continue to free my mind this way….

Happy Birthday to My Phucche Three Year Old Blog!

...To the Freedom of Expression!



  1. I admire when you say ‘I accept this responsibility of ‘blogging’ and will continue to free my mind this way…’. Wishing you a brighter future ahead! keep it up.

  2. I got my answer….Why do u blog ??? You blog because words are your oxygen and writting is ur air….you blog bcoz u feel it while we see it, touch it….that’s the different between u and we…

    Happy Birthday of ur blog Zade ji……

  3. I used to blog. Then I stopped, I blogged again, I stopped again. haha
    seems like I can be on list of stagnant blog. 😀
    So its your blog’s third B’day. Has it started talking? Has it started running? 😉
    I admire you for continuing writing. While I think, I have dived into more visual perspective than written one.
    Hope all is well.

  4. Daz man….firstly HAPPY BDAY BLOG!! I was ur first fan dont u forget that! Ive been thinking about my own blog for some time now……must consider it widely….
    Well i guess I did the sorts hai? writiting, making blog private, shifting blogs, group blogs, public, private then deleat. Oh MAN.

    Maybe i dont need a blog after all. what say>

  5. Will never forget that H 🙂 and till date I think ‘Realm of Reasoning’ is the coolest name for any ‘blog’! Those were the times when our writings could really be FELT hai! And you sure did blog in style: write, post, delete, pp protect . Juggy too, that’s the Way to do it really 😉 Your visuals are awesome, so that makes up for the blog inactivity ( sad nevertheless) …the baby has started running ! 😀 doing good. Hope you’re too.

    Thank you Saurav. Nice to see you!

    And Mapain, James, Basantaji, Deependraji, Ametya and Archanaji thank you so much for your wishes too. The Blog chuckles like a lil cute 3 year old n says ‘Thank you!’ 😀

    P.S I have been wanting to write this comment since the last 3 days but since the Great 16 hour loadshedding both at home n even BALUWATAR ( omg!) was no help at all. ok will put up another entry before plunging into two days of only 4hrs of electricity i.e Electricity only from 12pm to 4pm.( Sat/Sunday) and of course some time in between when the world is asleep too!!

  6. सामर्थ्य रहेन म मा
    अमेत्य अघि बढाउन
    सामर्थ्यको खोजी हो यो
    zade समक्ष आउनु को

    उर्जा चाहन्छु म
    उर्जा-एक सशक्त ढंग
    तिम्रो बनोट हेरेरै zade
    बन्थ्यो कि अमेत्य जिवन्त???

    महसुस गरिइदैछ आज
    तिमी एक-ब्यक्ति बिशेष
    तिम्रो व्यक्तित्व-अन्य झै सामान्य
    फरक त केवल- मात्र सोच

    मेरो अतित र zade तिमी
    कस्तो असामञ्जस्ताको परिस्थिती
    तिमीलाई तिम्रै धरातलबाट राखेथे माथि
    सम्झी अन्य कुनै ग्रहको हौ कि प्राणी जाति???

    भुल रहेछ त्यो
    तिमीलाई बुझ्ने एक असफल प्रयास
    तिमीलाई बुझ्न zade
    म बुझ्न खोज्दैछु आफैलाई आज

    ठुलो केहि चाह नै छैन
    मात्र एक आत्मविश्वास
    त्यो विश्वासको लर्को समाउँदै
    बनाउनु छ अमेत्य सार्थक !!!!

    अनायसै फुर्यो- नलेखि बस्नै सकिन अनि लेखेपछि post नगरि बस्नै सकिन (माफ गर्नुहोला)

    अनि धन्यबाद – तपाईले नथापाउने गरी आत्मविश्वास
    चोरी गर्न दिएको मा – which was my willing..thanks really …..

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