Pokhara In Pictures

Three Boats

Three Boats

These are some pictures I took when I was in Pokhara ( June, 08) for work+ thesis purpose and I was bored to death when I took these. The pictures were taken ‘against this backdrop’ ( the most popular term used in my office publications 😀 ) My boss had already left for KTM while I stayed back to go to Pame ( which never happened) because of the strike , the hotel receptionist was not taking my request to prepond my flight seriously either so I spent the afternoon staring at Fewa only to be disturbed by a guy who started the conversation by asking “Are you from Korea?” . I was in NO MOOD to talk either but I said “Hoina ma Kathmandu bata” while he kept asking questions in English. And I made sure I was replying everything in ‘Nepali’. ( I simply hate this Language Pretense among Nepalis!!). Finally I left the ‘English Speaker’ for the Shiva temple. (anyone who has frequented Fewa would know where it is) So, I took these pictures to engage myself, the second last pic is the view through temple bell. 😛



Row, row row your Boat

Row, row row your Boat

my Jhare esstyle :P

my Jhare esstyle 😛

@ Maya's in Pokhara.

@ Maya's in Pokhara.

The receptionist turned a deaf ear to my requests so I was dining on my own @ Maya’s in Pokhara. I ordered Naan ( for a change)+ mixed vegetables…the place was empty except for a foreign couple at the front slightly to my right and another Bideshi mahila with her back towards me , smoking…No sooner did she take her seat a Nepali guy ( restaurant worker) walked up to her asking ‘Where are you from?” etc ( living upto the ‘Friendly Nepali’ tag) ..the couple ahead were laughing…now and the then the woman would giggle like a teenager at the things the guy said. I didn’t want to WRITE but I forced myself to scribble some nuisance on paper…I write..”No memories”..bla bla but in the very next sentence I talk of the events that took place in Pokhara in our college fieldtrip …I was SOOOO BORED.I came back to KTM the next day accomplishing nothing,the Banda was going on in full swing, so I had to walk all the way home…

Conclusion: Happiness is a not real until shared 🙂 . ( The view looks awesome but I was not enjoying it at all ! )

P.S . Visit my Flickr Page for better view



  1. Nice naration! This “Where are you?” is our national disease.

    I lived in Pokhara for six years, used to work there. My average feeling of Pokhara is ‘beautiful place but rude people’. I have many intimate Pokhreli friends and I know they will object this.

  2. Ah, true… D, true… hard to be happy alone. But we can always try. Happened to me in Pokhara too. I tried and indulge myself while my colleagues decided to “rest” after a trip from Myagdi. I guess I ate too much to give me a bad stomach and a realization that I was alone. Anyway, the pictures were great. Especially your not-at-all-jhare “jhare esstyle”.

  3. Thank you for liking the pictures everyone. ( my jhare estyle included 🙂 ) And sorry for this very very LATE response. My laziness and fluctuating moods are to be blamed for it ….

    N Basantaji , if the work related entry I’d posted earlier is something that interests you might have have known of an NGO in Pokhara working in similar issues too…They are more community and ‘hardcore’ agriculture based NGO with less policy focus.But in a village from where both Rupa and Begnas lakes can be seen ( forgot the name) they have done some commendable job regarding ABS ( Access and Benefit Sharing) as in they have this Community Biodiveristy Registers with all the names of the local flora and fauna in it, which is basically the first step towards implementing ABS ( though the ABS bill is yet to be passed in the Nepali context). It is used as a resource site for similar projects elsewhere. Their work is really impressive.

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