Forget KTM

What I liked most about Biratnagar were its residential areas: wide roads, big compounds with Asoka trees and plenty of land to grow anything one wished for.It looked well planned where each house had its breathing space unlike houses in KTM where most buildings seem to be breathing down another’s neck. I like this long one storied house we have been invited for dinner where I am lying down on the cemented verandah staring up at the stars. People below me are dancing as Narayan Gopal sings “Kun daiba hola kun sajog hola….” ( Mohani Laglahai soundtrack from the Nepali movie Chino) and they keep demanding for Nepali songs. And while they are not dancing they start singing Nepali tunes from the yesteryears. My cousins who are way too younger than me scream for ‘Desi girl’ type of songs (though the old folks did dance in that number too) but the older ones (way too older than me) have the final say. And I have to say my folks do know how to have a good time. They are always ready to dance and they don’t sing out of scale either. A sense of rhythm and scale may not be heredity in nature but as I lie down listening to their songs I can’t help thinking if it is and we are the way we are.

Bijaya Dashami ko Tika

Bijaya Dashami ko Tika

So far it has been a good break. The city is hot but this terrace is a hundred times cooler than the dance floor below. I am not a part of the dancing and singing but I am not complaining like the Rani Mukherjee and SRK characters in ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehena’ either. I am happy for all the people below. I am at peace with everything around me. I like this feeling of being in a city which doesn’t demand anything from me. Though, it seemed rather strange to me (because it was the very first time such a offer came our way ) that Biratnagar boasts of bachelors on the lookout of brides and the they don’t even spare US of all the people in the world either. And questions like “Studies over?”, “Do you know how to cook?” while I visit relatives for Tika have taken an entirely different meaning. They are usually followed by dragging mom into a corner to inform her of some guy who has house here and there or does this or that or are back from this or that country. At times, I did even think of a meeting these people just for fun, just to gain the experience of such meetings. haha. But that is not to happen for all the good reasons. Jehos, sabai thapa bandhuharulai mero good luck! 😉

Aerial view of Kathmandu

Aerial view of Kathmandu

I am back in KTM but I seriously wish to leave this place, for good. I want to forget KTM. I want to look down at this city from somewhere high up in the skies and not be a part of the life below. I want to live in a big city, a city where no one is anyone else’s business or in a remote place where there’s nothing virtual. I want to forget all the great courses or universities , forget the need to earn or this thing called ‘profile building’ or ‘ selling yourself’ for the time being…I just want to forget KTM and rediscover myself.



  1. I was wondering where you vanished all these days…विराटनगरको ताजा हावा खान पो रहेछ 😛

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