dark n green

It is a green room. And it is a dark. But it is not a darkroom. It is not dark enough to print photos but it is dark. So, it is a green dark room where you can’t print photographs.

Every time the sky is overcast you need to turn on the tube light. The tube light is a fine invention but I hate dark rooms. Especially rooms which need to be lighted even during the day. This is no different.

The room has one door, two windows facing the east and south respectively and four wooden partitions to create three cubicles. There is a bright poster depicting biodiversity which has a parrot, an elephant, a monkey, a rhino, a snail and a crocodile but it is not enough to change the ambiance of the room.

It is also a semi-store room. There are brown cartons which read China Apples and blue files with white sheets of paper peeping from the sides. The cupboard, the table and the floor is filled with posters and booklets. In short, the room is crammed with all sorts of publications. The publications are world class but the room is a mess. If I were in school my teachers would undoubtedly refer to this as the lotus growing in the dirt scenario. But I am not in school and it is not much fun living in the dirt. After all, it isn’t only the lotus that lives amidst the muddy waters. There are other life forms too. What about them? What about the underdogs?…..


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