In a pink room…

No, I do not plan on introducing a ‘Room Series’ in my blog. Sad? 😛 I do not have any explanation for this room blog series but I will surely blog about this light pink room I am at the moment. I am in Narayanghat. I want to name this guest house I will be spending my night in but let me refrain from doing so. There’s no proper explanation for that either. I should be writing on the farmers’ rights provisions in ITPGRFA. (Well the full form is too long and I don’t expect anyone to be interested in it either but I am tempted to complete this room blog first.)The curtains are nice. They aren’t great but I like them. It’s a red, light red and yellow checked curtain covering the entrance to the verandah while the cloth covering the window is red, light red and white. Does curtain (obviously) mean the cloth that covers windows? Or does the same word do for clothes that do the same for doors? I think curtains have no relation with the part of the room they cover… Whatever. It’s dark now. Let me turn on the lights first.

Ok done. I drew the curtains as well. Talking of which, the first thing I saw through the window after opening the curtains some hours ago was of a naked child excreting his/her intestinal waste…Does that count for a view? Anyways I did stare at the child for a while thinking to myself ‘Has this happened to me before? Have I ever stayed in a guest house where the first thing I see after opening the curtains is a shitting child?’ I think I looked at the child longer than intended and even wondered if the child was a he or a she. What was I thinking?

Getting back to the curtains, the cloth covering both the windows and the door is the same! Contrary to what I wrote earlier they are covered by a cloth which has a checked pattern consisting of dark brown, light brown and cream colored boxes. The cloth hanging from the door looks a bit faded but still it’s the same color. Gawd, what’s wrong with my eyes. I don’t think I like the curtains as much as I did before.

So, it should be clear by now that this is not a ‘Starred’ hotel. The room has two beds, both covered in white bedsheets with a ‘chadar’ of the same color. I don’t know why I want to call it a ‘chadar’ and not a white shawl or ‘odne’ but I have no explanation for that either. And I am already hearing Anup Jalota singing ‘chadariya, jhine re jhine’ in my head.

There is a mirror to my right, the one which makes me look FAT. Bigger at my sides and shorter. Are proper mirrors an expense for hotel owners? I rechecked myself on the mirror, it is a strange mirror. I have already done the ‘mirror check’ test, something I received from a friend of mine which warned girls about hidden cameras behind mirrors or something like that. Jehos, it was about being viewed by someone else. I am not so sure, if I remember the exact way to check that but I put my finger on the mirror and it reflection touched in the mirror seemed to be touching my real finger…I think the email said if it didn’t one needed to be careful. Hope that was what it said.

I am always alert while traveling alone. It’s as if a new ‘sense’ develops in me and my mind is constantly flashing red lights. LOL I was so alert when I traveled to Gorkha (yah a long time ago) that I didn’t even fall asleep, not even after putting the wooden stool in front of the door after checking all doors and windows thoroughly. A stool is not much of a security guard I guess. Though, I pushed a very heavy cupboard to block the door while sleeping alone during the night in Godavari resort after a chitchat with the hotel staff that brought hot water bag for the night last winter. I might blog of it someday, but it is not a good time to do so now.

Oh, and there are two U-shaped iron protrusions on the ceiling. Though it’s a common sight in a lot of houses, I think it’s dangerous to have them in hotel rooms. I mean, what if I was suicidal. What an easy place to hang myself? Hoina ra? Though I could say the same thing for the fan right above my head. In that case, I would have to say there are risks everywhere so it would be paranoid to think that way. Or would it? But Narayanghat is not a place to die. It is a place to live. I think we stayed somewhere close to this place sometime back in 2005 and we sang ‘Jati hun main jal di hai kya’ from the movie ‘Bazigaar’ out loud in a rickshaw because it was the rickshaw puller’s favorite song. Nostalgia… Time to get back to the International Treaty now. Maybe I will watch ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfield’ when I am doing IT. It’s a goodbye for now. Hopefully, I will be writing more from a better place in Saurah tomorrow.Tada.

Oct 11, 2009
18:48, Narayanghat.



  1. The finger test!! A friend told me its all false, but I think there is some logic to it. Its super duper that you are alert. We always HAVE TO be alert when travelling alone. Awesome that you are checking everything when u enter a room. U need to blog about it someday – tips for a lady traveller, i could contribute some too.

    Yoohooo! enjoy the freedom! iTS OUR LIFE TO LIVE TO THE FULLEST 🙂

    end of this month I will be travelling and trying not to let it freak me out that its gonna be on a different continent and that I will know noone!! but yeah – we are free independant women! 😉

    hats off to u my friend 🙂

  2. I got no tips other than move tables, chair, sofas, cupboard, anything to block the door. I don’t know what to do with the windows. hahaha. n maybe be aware of men n little boys, remember pokhara? 😀
    n yaaayyyyyyy for the long awaited journey! i hope to see lots of pictures…or maybe u can just not take any and enjoy the moment 🙂 …i din’t have the camera with me this time and no regrets either. It was so cool.
    I was watching SA on travel and living sometime back and I forgot if it was Capetown or Johannesburg….jehos one of em ( i think J) looked like KTM with hills , smth called Table Mountain in Cape town… wherever you will be hope u have a great time. My best wishes for continent hopping to continue after this trip 🙂 . I stick to watching T n L for now. …just so I visit em one day and know a lil bit more abt the place than everyone else 😉 be the over smart one. lol .

    Hats off to us sathi! To the freedom of being ourselves!!!

  3. I think there’s a line in an Indian ad that goes something like this: darrr ke aage jeet hey! I am sure you woke up victorious in the morning (or, more importantly, went back to Kathmandu with this sense of victory). Nooooo? 🙂 What a psychoanalytical piece! I imagined replacing you by myself (one half) and another half quietly watching from the floor.

  4. @ BrightLight : Life is not a sip of Mountain dew yaar. there is no ‘jeet’ after every ‘darr’ though the moment of fear does pass like everything else, only to be back! and every moment that passes can’t be interpreted as ‘victory’ over it… jehos jeet prapta vayena. raat vari nidra lagena haha…

    @ Basanta ji : Thank you. Wish you a very happy Tihar as well!

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