Finally a Podcast

आज यो पोडकास्टका मार्फत धेरै अगाडीदेखिको आफ्नो एउटा इच्छा पुरा गर्दैछु। दुई हप्ता अगाडी लोडसेङ्गिगको बेला मैले पारिजातको ‘शिरीषको फूल’ पढिसिध्याएँ। ढिलैभएपनि त्यो शुभकार्य गरेकोमा म निकै खुसी छु। यो पोडकास्टमा मैले नेपाली साहित्यको त्यही अद्वितीय कृतिका केहि हरफहरू पढेकी छु। वाचन गरिएका हरफ छान्नु पछाडि कुनै विशेष कारण छैन। म समाचार वाचिका वा अन्य रेडियो कार्यक्रम प्रस्तोता पनि होइन त्यसैले यो पोडकास्टमा त्यो गुणस्तर नखोज्नुहोला। यसमा पनि काँटछाँट गर्नुपर्ने केहि ठाउँहरू छन् , ती चाहिँ Audacity मा पोख्त भएपछि हुँदैगर्नेछन्। पाश्व सङ्गित मलाई असाध्यै मनपनें ‘Sur Le Fil’ ( Soundtrack from Amélie by Yann Tiersen हो । आशा छ तपाईहरूलाई पनि सुन्दा रमाइलो लाग्ने छ।

I wrote this 7 months ago! This post remained a draft since March, 2009. I am finally putting it up here. The video followed by this podcast… Looks like I am the new ‘New Media’ practitioner in town. 😉 But its only a coincidence.And though I didn’t choose the particular portion from ‘Shirishko Phul’ (Page no 53-54 of the novel-the portion right after the fatal kiss) with anything particular in mind, it seems to hold more meaning every time I go through it. I am a fast speaker so don’t expect a RJ Standard Podcast. Hope its comprehensible anyways. And I simply loooove ‘Sur Le Fil’…and somehow the text and the music seem to compliment one another (to my ears)… Finally, I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to Pete for enlightening ,entrancing and making me sway and swoon to Yann Tiersen’s music. 😀 ENJOY!



  1. सुन्न खोजेको, Server not found भन्छ! मेरो भाँडो (कम्प्युटर)कै केहि समस्या पनि हुनसक्छ।

  2. great voice, keti! perfect music too – the tempo of the music n ur voice are great together. dramatic effect cha 🙂 its just the occasional loud notes that spoil it a bit when ur ears are pressed to the speaker trying hard to make out the words.

  3. यो पोडकास्ट सुनिदिएकोमा सबैलाई धन्यवाद । अर्को पल्ट पार्श्वसङ्गीतको ध्वनी कम गर्नेछु , यसपालि reference को लागि किताबको पाना लेखिदिन्छु है 🙂 I can’t waste anymore time on it tesaile….Thanks once again.

  4. Wow !
    Congratulation on your first podcast…
    It would be better if music is used as a background rather than your voice as background… 😛
    Think about speed as well…overall, great effort…would love to listen next episode as soon as possible… 🙂

  5. Voice is awesome and subject you are talking is really interesting, but the background music is irritating.

    Would love to hear you again, if possible, the same words without any background noise.

  6. Was delighted to find this post! Loved Shirish ko phool every time I read it and also fell in love with Sakambari and suffered like Suyogbir. Listening it in your voice was a wonderful experience. You have successfully brought out the emotion in your voice. It was thrilling!!

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