Happy Tihar!

It took me an entire day to prepare this ( select pictures and add the effects etc though it a very simple video). All the pictures in the video were taken on the day of Laxmi Puja( Oct 17, 2009). The instrumental in the background is by Yann Tiersen titled ‘A Quai from the French movie Amélie.I don’t understand French… I wanted to use Nepali music but I decided against it as it would be the first choice of any Nepali ( or may be not). This blend of French music and KTM landscape and Tihar sounded good to my ears. I hope you enjoy it too. And though Tihar is almost over, I hope this effort of mine is still relevant. Wish you all a very very Happy Tihar once again!



  1. Because I am reading this via slow connection, I am unable to check the video now but going by your intro of the creation, I can feel this has become an unique piece with international touch and feel. We must provide our traditional festivals the universal appeal and sound 🙂 badhai chha, for the effort!

  2. Tihar not over here – just woke up on Bhaitika day 🙂

    Excellent choice of music and nicely done video. I see you are having a very creative Tihar, and hope it was great fun too!

  3. Wonderful effort in bringing the light of Deepavali (tihar) to the blogosphere. The music and images were refreshing to the mind and senses. Back in Malaysia Deepavali is celebrated with lots of wonderful food including sweetmeats, new clothes, offerings of prayers, visiting and receiving relatives and friends, distributing of gifts and money and of course fireworks. Although today is the fifth day of Deepavali, the celebration is still going on.

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