National Highway 8- Road Trip, India

Congress, NH8

Seen beside the NH8

There is something extremely beautiful about road trips- something my limited vocabulary in this language is unable to express. A speeding machine swallowing miles and miles within minutes, an old tape stuck in the cassette player meaning no music, intimidating 18 and 22 wheelers, truck literature ,and yes, even that the urgency to pee! And of all the things in the world that could be thought about in a road trip I was reminiscing my physics classes from +2 days, wondering about the speed of the vehicles before and after us, thinking vaguely about vectors and wondering how physics could be so lifeless back then when it seemed to be explaining practically everything around me. Everything seemed to be physics at play, right from the pressure on the urinary bladder to the speeding machine to the number of wheels in the intimidating Maruti-Suzuki vehicle carriers. But the purpose of the journey was anything but close to the ‘real science’. It was literary. A road trip from Delhi to Jaipur on the National Highway 8 with the sole purpose of attending the Jaipur Literature Festival said to be ‘The greatest literary show on earth’. I am not sure if it ‘is’ the greatest but it is definitely a good experience. Here are pictures from the road trip before I discuss the festival in the next entry. Enjoy..or just make an attempt at it 😛

P.S The most interesting thing I ever read on a truck was this : “Driver is golden life, one one turning one one wife” which I saw on the road to Biratnagar some months back. Sadly, I have no pictorial proof of it 😦


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