The picture of a mountain

There’s a framed picture of a mountain right above my head. I am not looking at it as I write this but I know exactly what it looks like. The picture has a black wooden frame and a distinct blue background. Technically speaking, the blue is called ‘light blue’. But this light blue is dark.  I haven’t seen the Mount Everest but looking at the picture makes me think that I have. I’ve decided that the picture is Sagarmatha.

Chomolungma, सगरमाथा, Mt. Everest: Why do mountains need a name? For some mountaineer to boast which mountain she has scaled? What’s the purpose? I don’t understand it. I do not enjoy racking my brains for names of mountains when I look at a picture of them like this one. Why can’t we leave the mountains alone? Just let them name one another and pass on windy messages now and then…

Names apart, mountains are supposed to hold meanings. So, as I look at the picture of this mountain I wonder what exactly it is supposed to mean. Aim high, the sky is the limit or is it simply an act of promoting Nepal?

I have nothing against mountains. But this picture bothers me. The blue, the black, the white and the gray, all the colors in the picture bother me. It doesn’t remind me of home. It doesn’t remind me of the real mountains. Its non-reminder of anything is disturbing. At the hindsight, I think it is the reminder of the lack of ambition, a goal and a height to reach in my life that is disturbing.

And Vivekananda with arms crossed across his chest commanding “Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached.” in big bold letters is not helping. The poster seems to have come with a purpose. It hasn’t fallen off the wooden plank when everything stuck there did.

Arrrrgh…pictures, posters. I think I am letting everything around me in this room get the better of me.  Still,

Jai Mountains! Jai Vivekananda!

I bought the poster. I chose not to move the mountain…..



  1. Mountains do need names like we all do. We do need to know about our mountains.It
    s hard to fall out of love with a mountain once you have fallen in love with it.

    Nepal has 27 mountain ranges. I found the information by scratching on a ‘Wai Wai’ coupon.I hope it’s not 28- so much for my I.Q. Ah! climbing a mountain, being near to a mountain, trekking to a mountain. There could be no other joy. I am sad I am trapped in a city and I have no choice but to embrace its dusty roads and savage inhabitants.The framed mountain isn’t going to fall down any time soon with the grace of Vivekananda.

    Nice post! Good writing

  2. mountains are our identity and we should be well aware about our identity. they are our source of income and therefore we should keep track of them. they are our own relection so we must look at them once in a while to get sense of what we have achieved so far.

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