Holi in Delhi


Holi, Delhi, Holi in Delhi

HOLI: A little boy seen in Asaf Ali Road

holi in delhiDelhi (India) celebrated Holi on March 1, a day after Kathmandu and other hilly regions of the Nepal did so. The newspapers were filled with the ‘Dos & Don’ts’ of Holi all of them laying equal emphasis on ‘Apply a lot of cream or oil beforehand’. The Hindustan Times had an entire page filled with actresses emphasizing the need to ‘oil your hair’ before playing with colors. Given the poor health condition of my hair and being an ardent reader of newspapers (these days) I did the same. I made sure that I had oiled every strand of my hair with Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. Even though we had been invited for lunch I decided it was the smartest thing to do as I obviously expected to meet other oily heads too!  When we reached the place, I happened to be the only ‘oily one’ in sight. So much for the ‘Dos’. No rubbing of colors on the head and the cheeks took place as I had presumed either. So, I gave my best shot at socializing- mostly listened to the voices of other people though they weren’t necessarily talking to me, drank three glasses of water, took a picture of an astray, skimmed through a magazine, had lunch, looked oily, thanked the hosts and finally left.

Marlboro and an Astray: All cigarette and tobacco packs sold in India should carry pictorial messages and a revised statutory warning,

Then we hit the unbelievably empty roads of Delhi.  Both the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses and Delhi Metro-services remained suspended till 2pm . The police were deployed in large numbers  to prevent any untoward happening in the city. Holi is a big holiday in India, so many newspapers closed their press which meant there were no newspapers yesterday. They came out today with reports of ten people killed in Holi accidents in different parts of Delhi. A total of 5,300 people were prosecuted for violation of traffic rules in Delhi alone!

While the 5300 made the most out of Holi by violating the traffic rules we enjoyed the minimal Delhi traffic by driving to CP, New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi Junction( Old Delhi), G.B Road or Garstin Bastion or Shradhanand Marg, Kamala Market and India Gate. Delhi  is a very large city compared to Kathmandu but when you drive around the city on a traffic free day (like Holi) you realize that it is not as big as it seems.  It is only parts of New Delhi which boasts of  flyovers and wide well-paved roads. Minutes away from the architectural wonders you will witness  a  ‘copy and paste’ version of any other small town in India.

That was my first Indian Holi experience and observation. More pictures below:

Holi, Colors, Delhi

Holi Full On. Seen in Daryaganj.

Holi, Delhi, India

A man in Jangpura, definitely tired after Holi celebrations.

Holi, Delhi, GB Road

'Best Mechanic', the man smeared with colors told me after asking me to take his picture in G.B Road.



  1. Holi , holy, unholy
    so much for ‘champi’
    newspapers stink
    all they do is promote ‘consumerism’ or shamelessly make unpaid workers struggle some more.
    So much for time and money.

  2. I love these pictures! I’ve never actually heard of this holiday, so it’s always wonderful to see and hear about other cultures and their traiditons in this way. Thanks!

  3. great pictures you have here. photos are reminiscent of a western guy visiting a developing country. but still great.

  4. @ Tom : Had a bad day ? 🙂

    @ Anousha, dpixel365, Lakia, hannahfergesen, Halo Reach: Thank you for liking the pictures.

    @ John Ryan Recabar: hmmm….But I am very much a citizen of a Developing country- specifically a South Asian- a Nepali. New to this place, a tourist maybe ( though people from Nepal don’t fit into the conventional ‘tourist’ definition in India) but definitely not a Westerner 🙂 . A very interesting insight I must say. Thank you.

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