The only point I make by watching three movies back to back is the innocent fact that I am trying to escape. From life and its realities whatsoever they are. Having to do nothing but watch a character come of age in An Education or understand Cameron’s message through the Navis or simply being reminded of the powerful Monsanto is escapism. No matter how ‘real’ they all are it still serves an  escapist’s purpose. Food Inc did stir my senses a bit, some sort of wake up call but I was in no mood to jump back to reality. I enjoyed all that I watched. This isn’t about my impressions about the movie though. I didn’t start this because I had something to say about them. I do, but that doesn’t serve my need to express here.

Blogging about mere impressions of places is superficial and lifeless.  It is like writing because I want to, not because I have to. It’s dead writing…It feels better now that I have written it. Plus escaped everything for the day too. G’nite. I don’t want to have anything to with this computer screen for today.

9:12 pm

3/13/ SAT



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