I Didn’t Mean To Write This

Come sing my song and make me feel good

In a morning light let the song go wild

And in the evenings let everything go bright

The church is empty and scared

Do you know that the church is empty and scared?

Is Jesus in there?

If he is in there bring him out alive

I wanna sing my song to him

I have a voice enough to make the Shepherd

let loose the lambs in a heavenly pasture land

I know the first three lines were pretty like a song

But the rest are…

Well, it often happens when Jesus comes along…

I am Jesus. Come crucify me.

Or have you already done it?

I was sleeping with an alcoholic dream

And when I woke up

I looked like Jesus

And Coelho where are you?

I aspire to be a Jesus

Now how sure are you that I become one?

I am gambling my life against your lies

That everything changes if you aspire…

A poem by Kamlesh Pandey



  1. The author must keep his mouth shut when his work starts to speak.
    Friederich Nietzsche

    Nevertheless, ‘I Didn’t Mean To Write This’ totally seems, now, as some sort of madness magnified. And, like everything else, madness, too, has flaws.

  2. Beautiful Kamlesh! C’mon its about time you got ur own blog and not confine ur wonderful writings to Google buzzes!!

    Btw guys, AKA pheri AKA bha cha 🙂

    Have a butt kicking week!! 🙂

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