A postcard from the dead…

Franz KafkaMe and the post card walked together in the dark. Each one of us knowing that an infinite space separates the two of us. Both aware that it is a distance which cannot be covered. We will never meet, never talk, never walk. The ‘we’ will never exist.

And then I realize that the road ahead is dark, pitch-dark. The grasses along the sides have grown longer since I last saw them. I am a bit scared of the dark. A bit more worried about the unknown lurking behind the grasses. My thoughts go back to the postcard. I feel good that the postcard’s still there. It no longer feels distant. It feels as close as anything can be. So we walk, hand in hand: me and the silhouette of Kafka in Prague…

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  1. Dear Hand ,
    this writing is not a yardstick to measure the average or above average mind.it is only my way of freeing my mind ( the reason this blog exists)…so IF A person who blogs publicly is supposed to put entries understandable to all as a norm I am definitely a failure. However, I didn’t write this to get any message across to anyone either..I have no target audience in mind when I am writing for the sole reason of unburdening my mind (all personal writings/monologues).So it would be best not to drag the capacity of one’s (hypothetical) mind here…
    anyways thanks for asking me to ‘keep writing’…that’s encouraging…

  2. Dear Zadexpress,

    Thank you for your kind and enlightening reply. Your comment was far easily understandable than your entry for my average mind that may be because, as you said, that comment was targeted to me while the post wasn’t. Since I am your regular reader and have subscribed your site, I felt, I had the right to say what I felt about your entires. I read it twice, it is short, it is precise and it is beautiful not just because of the accompanying photo. Intelligent readers could interpret your entry in several ways but I, with the average mind, couldn’t go beyond certain level. I’ll keep trying though. Again thank you for replying. You made my day.

  3. Dear Hand,
    As you have subscribed to this site, you definitely have the right to voice your thoughts about the entries here. Please continue doing so. But I can’t explain quite explain this post … I only wrote what a certain postcard I received made me feel or the sentiments it evoked. that’s the long and short of it. anyways thanks for wanting to understand what I wrote here…

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