From inside a metro

A woman in black, now seated(then standing) was confirming a number in Vishakhapatanam when I got on this metro from Hauz Khas.A small boy sleeping on a woman’s lap sits to my right as I type this looking down at my shoes. There are a few more women sleeping in this coach.There are others who are talking with other people here and elsewhere on their phone.Another little boy and a woman (most likely his mom) got on the train sometime back. No sooner the boy got in he headed towards the aluminium pole and started jumping about. ‘Stop jumping around. Stupid!’ the woman thundered. ‘Keep quiet’ was the latest instruction she gave to the boy. Now, we’ve reached Udyog Bhavan and the crowd has become livelier (entirely consisting of women) as it’s the women’s coach. I get off here, at Central Secretariat so here ends my first live blog from inside the metro as well as from Wordmobi.
Happy Weekend Everyone!

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