From my beloved confinement

My day started with reading news about The White Stripes calling it off. Yah, they’ve split. So what ? Still I read the news giving it great importance. Then I tuned to BBC World service through the internet radio option in my cellphone. Hail smartphones. I thought it wouldn’t play given my earlier experiences with trying to listen to that particular station but it did. It has gone on and on since then. It started with an interview with a schizophrenic patient, fishes in North Sea, Egypt protests, Obama’s voice and the same thing has been repeated over many hours now. I want to stop listening to it but I don’t want to walk to the phone. Now my cellphone’s ringing so am forced to go there.Hopefully its not Sanjay Dutt or some other Bollywood star calling me. Seriously, you get calls from ‘Main Sanjay Dutt hun’ here. Its ridiculous. As Valentine’s day is approaching it might also be a call to change the course of your love story by learning to say ‘I love you’ to your partner in many languages. Gawd!

The call’s over. BBC World service has stopped. Apart from my keyboard a machine outside my door is making all the noise. Someone’s decided to go on a cleaning frenzy. This room needs some rearrangements too. The curtain rod fell off its attachment when I opened the curtains in the morning.I got on the chair and then on the window sill to fix it. While I was trying to do so I was holding the iron grill and praying it doesn’t come off the wall as well. I not much of a Hulk do be able to do so but you never know what I end up doing. I tend to use too much force for simple tasks. Lato para le kaam garne vanchan ni testai. Thankfully the grill didn’t come off and I could put the rod back in place too.

Getting back to the room.I need a cloth stand. (I don’t know why I am so obsessed with talking about rooms.I think I have written a few entries describing various rooms I have stayed in.) Jehos, I need it. It is amazing to think of how many things a person requires even when they live in one small room. This room has a bed, a cupboard, a table with many drawers, another small furniture beside the bed with drawers( I don’t know what I should call it), two chairs, two tube lights, one bedlamp, dustbin and a fan hanging from the ceiling. And now I need a cloth stand. Does anyone know how much furniture does a human being need? I have spent quite sometime trying to answer this philosophical question 😛 No avail. I believe someone should write a ‘How much furniture does a wo(man) need?’ story just like Tolstoy’s profound story on the amount of land we need.

The sky is blue today. I can see it right above the tree in front of the place I am tying this entry from.Rooms are a world in themselves, aren’t they? There’s a different life you have when you are in a room. You enter your room, your comfort zone and you are no longer the person you were outside of it. The thoughts encircling the space around your confined space makes a room even more mysterious, complicated. For instance, no sooner we (me and a friend) step outside my another friend’s room the song ‘Shadow of the day’ starts blazing from her computer speakers. Do I have to reveal that I simply can’t stand the song anymore? Then she starts uploading her Facebook status ‘I listen to this song when I am in jail’ and tags me. Rooms are complicated confinements. And when we come to think of it we value our confinements as much as we do our freedom. Isn’t it?

Ajalai yeti,Sanibarko din pani kati sochnu. Aru din hyperplane bare sochera nathakeko jasto!

Have a great weekend everyone!


One comment

  1. I like the 100 something year old building you live in, the tiny string of forest that surrounds the building. Your room is nice. I envy the creaky, 360 degree rotating study lamp angled aptly above you bed. And it feels good to know, you feel at home in some way.

    Stay away from the white mosquitoes though. How much furniture we all need is still a mystery.Enjoy your weekend and keep blogging.

    The blogs that get featured for no reason should take some “shame potion”.

    Keep the optimism alive and keep ranting!

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