Tweet less, live more

It has been a few days I have done nothing but walked a few yards to eat and attend classes. Apart from the routine of eating and attending classes I have stayed in my room staring at the computer for no good reason. So when I decided to step outside, walk a longer distance this time I realized I have been ‘away’ from this place for a while. In fact I have never been here. There are books on my table but I am not into them. There are people around me but none of them matter. I am supposed to be ‘here’ but I am not. I exist in this place in blood and flesh. Yet I am not engaged with reality. I’ve become virtual.

The moment I wake up I sleepily look into my phone and see ‘New Delhi’ weather forecasts. A second later I am inside Snaptu going through the tweets. This is what I learn : Things that happened, ramblings of people who had a good day/bad day, the same old what kids have to say about ‘love’ ( I read that some years back) and what adults do when they don’t find love. News, Breaking news, Egypt, Obama, Japan harassed by activists and some more blah blahs. It has been a habit now. My day always starts with Twitter.It is a hell lot better than Facebook. But these days I have begun to question myself about its utility. It is unquestionably the smartest way to be ‘updated’ on what’s going on around the world. However it is the ‘how much do I need to be updated’ part that has been bothering me lately.

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So I am writing this to reason why I should get a grip of reality. Social-networking is not the reason I am here. I am not in a profession where being in twitter all day long or even few hours is productive. I might need twitter to vent out a few things in my head now and then but ‘now and then’ should not turn into half an hour or hours! I must realize that I am different from the people who have the luxury of spending as much as they please on the site. The opportunity cost of tweeting when you are employed and when you are studying are different. A tweet now and then at work doesn’t kill you. But a student could die of it. …and that’s not called blowing the argument by elephantine proportions 😛 A tweet is a distraction. Academics is a twenty-four hour job. It demands concentration. Occasional swearing about studies is definitely allowed but searching who else is feeling the same around the globe is stooopid!

Plus knowing what Nepali people inside and outside the country say/feel is not going to help me with KE problem or write my term paper!! Seriously, what purpose does it serve for my academics. Nothing. It might help me stay ‘updated’ about the country and discuss Nepal but I don’t want to be a part of ‘ladegata’ discussions. Duh! Haven’t I had enough? I am here to learn, understand. That demands tenacity. I can’t run away from my books to the web. No, I can’t afford to be entangled in the mess of people’s moods, memories or attempts to provoke reactions. People can discuss porn or politics to their heart’s content. Perhaps they have nothing better or worse to do. Perhaps they can afford to do so. I am not them. I can’t afford it! And I definitely have better things to do. I am here to I.L.L.U.M.I.N.A.T.E myself. Chirping doesn’t culminate into enlightenment! (I know, I make it sound as if I will attain ‘Bodhisattva’ by the end of it 😛 ) Most importantly, there’s life outside this machine which functions like an idiot box. There is life to be lived outside the virtual world. That life could begin if I choose to be less ‘updated’ and more ‘real’.

Phew. Letting it all out of my system did feel good!

P.S All the pictures above were taken by my phone while on my liberating evening walk today …that’s when these thoughts came to me. Most are bad shots but I put them up anyway.



  1. So are you really going to sign out from Twitter? Please don’t do so. Yea, academics is important but chirping once in a while, let’s say once in a day is not unhealthy. As your well wisher and a fan I wish you all the best in your academic endeavors. But let me tell you that if you trade tweeting with blogging-like the post above- then I would be the happiest person. Loved your entry n the emotion expressed in it. Good luck with studies and a few more entries here occasionally please.

  2. @Keshav : I use Tweetdeck and Snaptu. both of the apps display tweets (by others) by default. and I don’t know if such an application exists either. Do share if you know of any apps of that kind.

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