An Obituary to the Travelling Slippers

slipper, travel, IndiaOne among the two which made The Travelling Pair of Slippers broke on Thursday 17: 14 pm , March 3, 2011. The Travelling Slipper made for the right foot was in its 8th month of work. The real age of the slipper is unknown. The cause was twisting of the slipper against the leg support of a table, said its owner. The slipper had been in regular use since Aug 11 of last year (2010).

First spotted in Lajpatnagar Central Market, New Delhi the pair was priced at IC 150. The seller refused to lower the price so the now bereaved owner did not purchase it. On returning back to the place after a few hours on that sweaty April summer evening the price was promptly reduced to IC 100. The purchase was made. The slippers were first flown to Kathmandu where it hibernated for three months before it was brought to use.

It was first worn on the train journey from Delhi to Chennai. Thus began the saga of the Travelling Slippers. On that first leg of travel, the slippers took its user to Chennai, Pondicherry, Mammalapuram/Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram and Tirupathi. The slippers first touched the Indian ocean in Marina Beach, Chennai. It did some rock climbing in Mammalapuram and walked the wonderful paths of Pondicherry Botanical Garden. The next four months of its life were spent in Delhi. The only travelling it did during that time was walking a few yards here and there inside an educational building. Readers must note that its owner was addicted to it. She refused to wear anything else but the pair of slippers all this while. Winter came at last and provided some relief to the overworked slippers.

Come January and it was time to travel once again. The slippers took its owner to Bhubaneshwor, Puri, Konark, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kollam, Kovalam, Kanyakumari, Mangalore, Udipi, Malpe, St. Mary’s Island, Goa and Mumbai. Not once did it fail its user. Filled with profound gratitude and admiration for the slippers, the owner took a picture of it against the backdrop of the stones in Marine Drive, Mumbai. The owner is still in a state of shock. She claims to have never experienced such sense of loss over a pair of slippers before. She plans to keep the slippers as a memorabilia of her travels around India.

Perhaps it was her time to rest. R.I.P

P.S The slippers also helped its owner mount a horse  beside the beach and swing in Banyan trees among other things…

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  1. R.I.P. slippers.

    To the blogger:

    You humanized them so well 🙂 They seem to be very tired…Look at them…thoroughly exhausted. Such a long journey. They clearly needed a good rest.

  2. thank you for wishing peace to my dearest slippers. Guess you are right. They clearly look worn out. But I say it is a sad, sad day for frugal travellers all over the world 😥

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