Ramblings about Delhi heat

This is me making the most out of the 27 degree Celsius temperature in Delhi. It was 27 about an hour ago but I don’t wish to verify it now. Let me just believe it is 27. So far, I have not been forced to turn on the fan so it must be still around 27. I can occasionally hear wind rustling leaves outside my window indicating pleasant weather. You can appreciate good weather only when you live in extremes. What better place to live in and appreciate the weather of Kathmandu than Delhi.

The fault is all mine. I underestimated Delhi heat. In the beginning of May I’d thought when everything got over I would stay back for a week or so, relax, enjoy Delhi and then go back home. If relaxing means absence of thoughts because I am unable to think straight when I am in my AC-less oven(room) then I am surely relaxed. It has only been a few days but it feels like weeks of leisure. I just can’t think clearly in this heat. In the past few days I watched as many as 3-4 movies a day and way too many Ugly Betty Episodes. I watched Rio ( loved it), Hangover ( didn’t find it funny at all, someone tell me why it was such a big hit?), Letters to Juliet (cheesy) , The Kids are All Right ( Mark Ruffalo’s unkempt look suits him), Chalo Dilli , I Am ( Good movie ) etc. As for Ugly Betty I’d begun to think that Matt and Henry were not Betty’s but my boyfriends. Just kidding. Nonetheless it reminded me of all the good times I had when I wore braces. I even missed them.  And how can I forget the Glee Episode ‘Funeral’ where Sue Sylvester’s sister dies. The day the episode was aired Sue Sylvester was trending on twitter. Sue’s a mean person with a tongue sharper than a knife (no wonder I love her 😛 ) but her speech in the funeral moved me to tears. So this, my friends, is one way of keeping your mind off extreme heat. Watch lots and lots of TV on your laptop 😀

Before the temperature started hovering around late 30s to early and mid-40 degree Celsius I’d planned to spend my days in the beautiful, spacious parks of Delhi.  One of the best things about Delhi is its green spaces. As a Kathmanduite I was initially overwhelmed by the parks here.  A friend of mine recently came to Delhi and I suggested we go to Humanyun’s Tomb. The ticket for entrance is priced at INR 10. It’s a beautiful place and if you don’t believe me you can ask Bill Clinton and Obama. So, once we were done strolling around the place my friend said ‘This is such a big place and it costs only 10! We pay 80 for going to Garden of Dreams which is way smaller than this!’ You can’t compare the two places on any regard but the public spaces in Delhi deserve nothing but praise for the way they are maintained. Most of them are free. You can stay in the parks for as long as they open. All praise to the fact that New Delhi is a planned city. But with this heat my plans of spending leisurely afternoons in the park seems like the clichéd expression ‘Water, water everywhere not a single drop to drink’. I just can’t dare to step out in this heat.  Therefore, I am still glued to my computer. (Meanwhile, I had to turn on the fan.)

Humanyun's Tomb, Delhi

Humanyun's Tomb

There are a few other fascinating (to me) things I have learnt about extreme heat. They are:

  1. Opening the windows during the day does NOT cool the room. It only brings hot air inside.
  2. Sweating profusely is not related to work. You can sweat like nuts even if you are just sitting idle on a chair.
  3. Perspiration from hair (technically it’s head) occurs without playing any sports. This fact has made me consider going bald.
  4. Jeans are NOT made for the Indian weather conditions. Fools are they who wear skin-tight jeans in Indian summers. Seriously, crazy people don’t you FEEL the HEAT?
  5. The number of mosquitoes has reduced considerably since the temperature started skyrocketing.
  6. There are two types of mango shakes in Delhi. The first kind cools your brains (literally!), it may not exactly be the brain region but you feel the chill deep inside your head. The other kind cools your throat. The head cooler mango shake doesn’t make you feel anything in your throat and vice versa. The two types of mango shakes are mutually exclusive.[This observation is personal. The juice vendor won’t understand what you’re talking about if you ask him for ‘head’ or ‘throat’ cooling shake.]
  7. Strangely, the north facing rooms in this building are hotter than the south-facing ones.
  8. You need to live in Delhi to relish curd. [I have always been a curd-hating vegetarian especially the Dahi-chuira combo in Dashain. Now, I can’t imagine having Paranthas without curd anymore!
  9. Trees shed leaves twice in Delhi. The first time it is during winter. Spring brings new leaves. But as the temperature starts rising it is patjhad once again.
  10. The only way to fall asleep in a room without AC is to pour water on the mattress and sleep on it. It dries faster than you can imagine.
  11. There is no point in trying to survive hot weather when you can simply escape to a cooler place. See you soon, Kathmandu!


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