Dashain, Tika

Dashain 2011

Dashain, Tika

Dashain 2011 By S. Thapa

Our Dashain was a small private affair: five girls, a bit of dressing up for the occasion and lots of photos. Dashain was barely acknowledged last year so it was mine as well as everyone else’s first Dashain away from home. My day started by reading news about Jobs’ demise which saddened me deeply but all thanks to the girls here who cheered me up and helped me get ready for the occasion. Walking out with the big red tika on our foreheads with people staring at us, students from elsewhere asking us for the tika as well….it felt so good to be different. It was as though we had taken up the herculean task of preserving and promoting our culture here. Big words, I know.

Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to the spirited Nepali girls for just being there…

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  1. Good one, especially for keeping the culture alive over here. Compared to my experience, where I went to my friends place on the night of the nawami, expecting tika the next day only to find uninterested hungover people on the morning of the tika.
    Belated bhaye pani, Happy Dashain di.

  2. Awwww ❤ what an endearing post :') .. wish I was there to celebate Dasain with you guys, I miss it and all of Nepal, more than I can feel anymore.. I really do. The pics are beeeutiful 🙂

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