Shouldn’t writing be liberating? Or relaxing ? Why write if it won’t help me unwind like the TV does when I turn it on right after entering my room? The programme on the TV doesn’t matter. The options are limited anyways: Enter 10, दगल, B4U Music, Shakti, News X and some more. However the issue at hand is not the channel but the ability of the sound of the TV to help me relax.  And if writing can’t be liberating or relaxing then it should merely help things to stay as it is without making the writer feel burdened by the act nor making them feel any better. It should maintain the status quo, just blend with the mood. Just like this song ‘Nightcall’ playing in the background. It  compliments my nights without polluting it with thoughts or emotions.

Lately, I’ve turned writing into a burdensome exercise. There is a lot of self-editing going on in my head even before express something.  The outcome then lacks originality. It kills the very objective of writing. The thrill of putting out your thoughts into words is gone.It turns into a shot gone bad because the object is now self-conscious of the camera lens pointing in her direction. An element of manufactured reality seeps into the picture. Hope you got what I meant.

Nonetheless it has been a long day. There was a lot of Sen, auto-correlation and a bit of money. Classes ran right from 9.30 to 4. This much of freeing my mind for tonight. And here’s my night addiction these days.

Do watch the movie ‘Drive’ to get a better feel of the song.



  1. GREAT song. I’ve spent the last several mornings playing it while driving to work, feeling like an absolute ‘boss’ (for lack of a better word). Love it.

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