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It was an ordinary day here in Delhi. I got hold of a friend’s N8 and couldn’t help myself from taking pictures of anything that caught my sight in Akbar Bhawan premises. And once I had done so an entry had to follow. Winter isn’t quite over in Delhi. The mornings are chilly. The evenings too. The people haven’t grown any warmer either. But I don’t care much about the people as we have less than 100 days here. Every week seems to fly past by me. The question ‘What next?’ follows me everywhere like a small cloud of rain waiting to burst only upon me. Coming to think of it a fluffy cloud hovering on the top my head makes me feel like an angel. -__-

Nothing angelic about this life though. Nonetheless it’s Friday. Hypothetically speaking what follows is two days of bliss 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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  1. Agreed that nothing is angelic about this life ! Wish life was something interesting, treasurous and happy to live on; nowhere life is good. The hovering presence of thoughts on career, money, future, expectations etc in mind makes you delve deeper into life and the more you do it, the more you get jaded. Such an intricate life ! 😦
    However, life can’t always be taken as negative amplitude. There’s a blend of glee, enjoyment, thrill, hope and what not ! It is a dare that should be accepted boldly.
    Sayad jiwan baanchna euta kalaa chahinchha. Jiwan ka jijibisa haru lai aatmasath gardai aghi badhnu ma nai yasko saarthakata chha, beglai majja chha, chhuttai swad chha !!
    Carpe Diem !!

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