I wish there were an easier way to upload blog posts. The Dashboard with multiple drop in options, statistics, space used up and free, comments all make it seem as though ‘writing’ is a ceremony of some sorts. It makes it seem as though it is work that I am sitting down to complete than something lighter I would like it to be. I know, I wouldn’t be thinking this way had I been blogging regularly. But once I started receiving ‘In need of original content’ emails I had put my foot down and claim this space!

The last time I thought something had to be written was last Wednesday. The bus was moving downhill from Ukalo and I noticed everything ahead looked red while the other side of the road was lit yellow with vehicles headed the opposite way. It looked beautiful. ‘Kathmandu is cosmopolitan’ was my exact sentiment. An absurd thought I would say because I am sure the road has looked that way ever since buses started running on Ring Road.Even so, I indulged in that absurd thought. It reminded me of Delhi.  And it reminded me of him. Another absurd character.

Wed classes remind me of him. During the first week the memory was weak. The second week it got extremely strong. In the bus, I could clearly visualize his face, the overconfident, proud look on his face and his eyes. He must have had hiccups whatever he was doing in some corner of Delhi. I wondered how by the end of it we were nothing but invisible to one another. He was an empty man. He knew it, I knew it, all of us knew it. But someone had to bell the cat and that was me. And I know he hated my guts for having done it. I appreciated him for his strengths but was equally critical of his baseless claims to know things he had no idea about. For someone who was as highly perceptive as him, I am sure he knew that I knew.

Still, it is Wednesday today and she will remind me of him. They both do the same thing but she does it by knowing what she’s doing. He did it assuming we would never figure out that he didn’t know what he was doing.

P.S It’s ironical how we travel great distances seeking knowledge that shakes our core and come back home to find it. That entire semester wouldn’t amount to a single Wednesday evening class. 


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