Dashain and Durbar Squares

The Jamara sown on Ghatasthapana didn’t grow. They wouldn’t be used even if they did as someone passed away. A TV anchor was discussing the benefits of Jamara, how they can be dried and consumed with hot water as a cure for headache so I guess we’ll let them take their time to grow. Still, there was Dashain, quite different from the ones before. I had almost forgotten about how Dashain equaled unlimited consumption of Kaju Kismis until this reminded me of it. Its absence has been conspicuous along with many other things which will never be the way they used to be…

Below are a few pictures of our stroll in Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Square during the festival. Personally, I think Bhaktapur Durbar Square had a more festive feel to it than Patan with old people singing and different groups of people  walking past the Durbar Squares with their musical instruments when we were there. I am not a ‘Durbar Square Kathmanduite’ as in I do not know every nook and cranny of any durbar square in Kathmandu valley nor does Durbar Square homesickness grip me when I am away from Kathmandu nor do I perceive Kathmandu only as its Durbar Squares. Still, I have to admit one cannot stay disconnected from the Durbar squares as a resident of this city. In short Kathmandu Durbar Square for me is a crowded yet personal space, Bhaktapur still has that exotic feel to it while Patan is really small.

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  1. Well the durbar squares look amazing and so do the black and white photographs. It’s dashain; whether you are home or away you just can’t get away from the nostalgia. The full moon day is arriving and soon everything will be over. Then we will have ‘tihar’. Overpriced flowers in newroad, naglo and diyo and makhmali pool and some brother gatherings. Happy dasain 2012! Oho growing old..it’s 2012.

    1. You should have been here for the durbar square strolls.went around kirtipur and villages in lalitpur too.will upload those pics later.for some reason all the lions in the durbar squares remind me of you. 🙂 maybe i should do a lions in the valley series. And seeing ‘Peda’ as ur name reminded me pedas that make ur stomach grumble once u eat them.the ones that stay in the fridge long after tihar and you pop em into your mouth well aware of its tummy grumbling effects.bottomline: don’t eat pedas 😀 find a better name.

      1. Peda it’s again. And I can’t believe you remember me when you see the lions. 🙂 You must do a lion series although I though it was momma leo you would be reminded of every time you saw those beautiful leos. And you are the one who eats those stomach grumbling pedas so you must be acquainted with the aftermath. here it’s besan ka ladoo from agarwaal. And I do miss the durbar square strolls. How about simha in nepali for a name :)singha simha seemha. Also let me post some cheese in your name. Enjoy!

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