Everyone who writes needs a reminder, now and then, of why they started to write in the first place. I for one, always wrote diaries but never naming people or discussing events in detail. Yet, if I went through the pages of my past I can tell who and what exactly I am talking of. Internet replaced paper. The thrill of being unknown and known at the same time was glorious!


Everything in life, like economics, has a boom and bust. I remember the boom but don’t know when exactly my bust began. I am not discussing readership here. I am talking of my own trajectory of writing, of the ability to express myself without editing my thoughts.

Thinking out loud is a dangerous business. More so in the context and hypocrisies of this society. It all boils down to the smallness of this country. Small isn’t always beautiful. There’s nothing random in a small place, context. There’s nothing organic, no matter how much you’d like to associate with the term. Even something as random as writing isn’t random, if you get what I mean. As much as you’d like to dissociate yourself with the writing class you’ll end up at their mercy! Yes, mercy’s the word. So, when all events become structured, randomness is a boon. Why can’t we just be and not ‘be’ a part of the ‘larger group which is’?

A random shot to make my point.

Random. At least that's what it's supposed to be.

Random. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be.



  1. I understand that emotion! My own reason, is best captured by William Somerset Maugham’s quote “We do not write because we want to; We write because we have to.”

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