If I were Maslow my hierarchy of needs would start with ‘a room of one’s own’, everything else would follow.

If I were a wolf I would be one in Ethiopia separated from her clan for some reason and on a long journey to find another that would accept me. A wolf named Saba.

And if I were a plant I would definitely be a bonsai. A plant that does not grow even when it’s given plenty of space to do so.  Or just cannot grow because it’s dead inside, Bonsai, what a perfect analogy to my life,

We might all be in the gutter Wilde, but some of us don’t give a shit about the stars… इतिहास सायद जित्नेहरुको लागि मात्र होइन, केवल बाँच्नेहरुको लागि पनि हो, जिन्दगी झेल्नेहरुका लागि पनि हो ।



  1. Why wont you write often is a redundant question but ‘you should write often’ is not that redundant. You need to give your readers a lot more than you are giving them in these snippets of words.

  2. The first sentence gives me the impression that you do not have space of your own.
    The third sentence tells me that you have all the space.
    What is the catch? Ki is it the contradiction you are trying to portray? Either way, I love this short piece.
    Ani yes, Wilde’s quote always inspired me, but when you see some fancy high-sounding words being kicked in the ass by witty reality, it always gives a fresh perspective. Indeed, what’s the point of looking at stars, when you are still in the gutter!

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