The week started like every other, with a question: What do I write on this week? Then something happens, not to answer the question but because that is the way the world works. And in that mess of information of what happened, what could have happened and what didn’t, one always finds something that needs to be written on, amplified. Early on, it felt like a huge responsibility. But then people do all sorts of things not because it needs to be done or for some abstract ideology they believe in but to survive. I do the same.

There are days when the job gives me an illusion of power. Most days, they are shattered by the powers that be and by issues that are not ‘written’ about. Then there’s a certain line from the ‘House of Cards’ that plays in my head when I see people thinking they are powerful just because they know someone who is. Among this lot,  the personal assistants of the leaders deserve special mention.

Random thoughts:

Each week, I read the Economist and think to myself  “This is not just a magazine but magic.” Not for what it advocates but the way it reports, editorializes and basically the way it ‘writes’. Readers will understand.

A friend told me that I wouldn’t get bored in my line of work as compared to those who have to keep writing dull reports day in and out. ‘You get to read writings ranging from tiger conservation to constitution writing so there’s plenty of variety’ were the exact words. It’s definitely true. But what he missed was, I do want to bang my head against the wall owing to the things I get to read too.

Then someone asked me if I had ‘any’ friends. I smiled at the wall behind her in reply. People, I have finally begun to realize their importance and their insignificance both.

I also had my “You’re tearing me apart” moment. The dialogue, in my humble opinion, was wasted in the context it  has been used in the movie.  Humans don’t tear so easily.

जिन्दगीको रङ हरियो हुन्छ…..यो कुरा चाहिं झलक सुबेदीको ‘आधा जुन’ पढेर र यो बर्षामा घुमेर आत्मसात गरेको

‘Aagat’ though hailed and awarded as the best book by Bhawani Bhikshu is a tedious read. But his women characters are very interesting. He does an excellent job of depicting the lives of a few Brahmin women (though the book isn’t necessarily about them): their thoughts, the things they do to survive and how they cherish and seek to expand whatever little freedom they have and the way they rebel against established norms.

2014-08-30 10.52.03

I think I should start writing in Nepali more because I shouldn’t let the knowledge of a language go to waste.

English is very much an elite territory in Nepal.  It still has little to no power to instigate a discourse in the country through what is written barring perhaps among the powerful elites and the donor community. Mostly, it does nothing more than massage the ego of the writer. And tiny groups of people all over the internet– in Kathmandu and Nepalis all over the world who write in the language–who praise everything a member or friend in their group writes as ‘groundbreaking’, ‘must-read’, ‘best article ever’ is nauseating.

I wish Chandra Shumsher had ‘abolished’ Rishi Panchami along with Sati pratha when he did…Why on earth do women still celebrate or rather ‘purify’ themselves on this day? On the one hand, everyone seems to be against Chaupadi and on the other, there’s this.

हाम्रो संस्कृति पनि कति दिक्कलाग्दो, महिलाले घरायसि कामबाट बिदा पाउन, राम्रो लगाउन, मिठो खान (आँफैले पकाएर) पनि भगवानको बहाना खोज्नुपर्ने वा पुरुषलाई भगवान बनाउनुपर्ने , अनि त्यो पनि नपुगेर आफुलाई नै तुच्छ , अपवित्र प्रतित गर्नु पर्ने….

Was reading Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell before I began typing this and typed this while listening to Andrea Bocelli. Both recommended along with Philosophers’ Mail .

And they call this a life….


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