Bhaktapur in ruins

The well preserved ancient city of Bhaktapur lost some of its old and traditional buildings in yesterday’s earthquake. The devastation of some of the structures like the Batsala Durga temple in the famed Darbar Square was a heart-wrenching sight. I had spent several peaceful evenings there. However, to see the majestic Nyatapola still standing tall was heartening. A Chinese couple was busy taking photos in front of the intact Nyatapola. An abandoned chariot stood in-front of it. A rest-house right next to the Taleju temple had collapsed. During the Dashain festival that is where old men and women gathered, played instruments and sang bhajans. Locals had gathered at the square to escape the aftershocks. On my way back, I saw many old buildings along the old highway (purano bato) damaged severely. In one of those houses, three rabbits were staying still in a perilous place just below a window.



  1. I spent October 2014 in Nepal… In Bhaktapur only several hours during Dashan festival… and I thought that I want return here spend several days to feel spirit of that red bricked city better… kind of must do next time list…
    Now looking at your photos I’m sad that some temples and lot of old houses are lost, and hopeful that others have survived… wish you rebuild your historical heritage to make foreigners like me love your wonderful country.

  2. I couldn’t remember if I’d been to Bhaktapur until I saw your first picture. Then the whole visit came back to me in a flash, a visceral punch in the stomach.

    I am so sorry that this awful tragedy has hit your country. When I visited more than ten years ago so amny people were lovely and friendly. It is horrible to think that many of those people could be dead, have lost family members or have lost their homes. What pictures like these really force home, though, is the damage to the tourism economy. To think of people losing their livelihoods because these amazingly beautiful tourist destinations may not draw as many tourists anymore is adding insult to injury.

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