For the love of cows

Schau mir in die Augen, Grosse or Look me in the eyes, Big. (literally)

It’s been a while since I quit my job at the newspaper. But I still start my day by skimming through the papers even when I do not understand the language. So here’s a picture published in 20 Minuten: News Von Jehzt (News of now /Current News), a morning newspaper the size of Saptahik or Shukrabar in Nepal, you can pick up at tram/bus stops or in the buses and trams for free. This paper, along with another one people get to read in the evening is more similar to our Sandhyakalin than Kantipur.

This picture caught my attention yesterday for the obvious reason, it depicts the literal love of cows. Or perhaps it’s just a show of love for these animals because cows, making promises to farmers for better milk prices, subsidies are all integral to Swiss politics.

And after months of ‘thinking’ of blogging something about this new journey of mine am glad this cow made me actually do it. So, Hoi from Zurich,  a rich, self-contained bubble in the larger European bubble called Switzerland. I will, hopefully, write more about my experiences here in the days to come.


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